Aussie Barns

Impress your neighbors with a Aussie Barn from All Style Sheds. These impressively designed Aussie Barns differ from American Barns in that the lean-tos do not drop down in the center section. Aussie barns have a 5-degree roof fall on the sides and a 30-degree roof pitch in the center section. The central raised section also lends itself to mechanics requiring additional clearance height for hoists etc or for the garaging of a horse float, caravan or boat. This design has graced the Australian landscape for the past 100 years.

Maximise the space you have

Prefabricated and engineered barns provided an incredible degree of strength which allows the overall construction to be comprised of fewer pieces than wooden alternatives. This results in easier transportation and a simpler and faster build process, which is great for the professional and DIY builder.

We offer you the freedom to design areas in heights, widths and lengths to suit your needs. Our Aussie barns are great for securing your farming equipment, storing livestock or just providing a secure workshop. It is important to strike the balance between price and quality and we’ve helped a wide range of customer in getting the best Aussie barn within their budget.

Aussie-Barn-2-150x150      Aussie-Barn-3-150x150Aussie-Barn-Cream-150x150      Aussie-Barn-Open-Lean-Tos-150x150

Aussie Barn Options
Personal Access Doors
Dividing Walls
Sliding Glass Doors
Roof & Wall Insulation
Open and Enclosed Bays
Mezzanine Floors
Whirly Birds
Roller Door Motors

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