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All Style Sheds is amongst the leading suppliers of kit barns in Australia with a wide range of options suitable for different needs. Our barns are of superior quality & using 100% Bluescope steel and are amongst the best in Australia.

Our Aussie & American Barns (Australian made) are great for securing your farming equipment, protecting livestock or just providing a secure workshop. Steel barns are also an affordable way to create a liveable area protected from the elements. Metal shed and barn kits can easily be customised to your needs and are easy to put up. You can quickly erect them and can usually do most of the work by yourself. A metal barn consists of C-section frame members bolted together via plates and cladded together using different profile sheet metal. The pieces are secured together with screws and bolts and the tools needed are minimal on smaller barns.

Before buying your next barn you should consider a few things first:

1. What size do you want your barn to be and what will you use it for?
2. Will you be using it just for storage or will you work in it as well?
3. Will you need any windows, additional light, or ventilation?
4. Have you considered the security risks and how you will keep your goods safe?

These questions will assist you in making the right choice in picking and designing you next barn kit.

So let the helpful team at All Style Sheds assist you with your next purchase on an Aussie Barn or American barn and any questions you may have.

With some many different options available, every barn is unique. Give us a call today and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.


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