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There are two types of approval that needs to be granted before and building works should commence.

Planning Approval – This type of approval is required prior to a building approval being granted. An explanation will need to be submitted with the intention for use of your building, along with a full site plan illustrating all existing buildings. These plans need to show where you intend to place the building. You may like to check with your local council/shire what the fees will be payable with planning approval.

Building Approval – This type of approval will take place after approval has been granted. If a building is over $20,000 in total value (depends on state), this includes construction and slab, a registered builder is required. An exception can be made in regards to rural buildings. Many types of council will pass plans through to building inspectors once the planning approval has been granted. If you are applying for a dwelling (Class 1) you will need to hire a planner to draw detailed plans and elevations, stating all of the BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements and energy efficient calculations. We supply a full set of engineering drawings to submit with your site plan for building approval. Like the planning approval a fee is also payable with a building application.

Shed Construction Options

The laws that surround owner builders differ from state to state and have changed many times over the last few years.

Owner Builders – Any individual can apply for an owner builder’s registration every 3 years to build his or her own home or shed. These owner builder applications are available at your state Builders Registration Board and are also available to download online via their websites. A fee is also payable with this application.

Registered Builders – As previously mentioned any building worth over $20,000 (depends on state) including erecting and concreting will be required to have a registered builder (unless it is a dwelling and you are an owner builder). To find a list of registered builders in your state you can ring your local Builders Registration Board or Masters Builders Association.

Useful Resources

www.buildingcommission.wa.gov.au – Building Commission (WA)

www.masterbuilders.com.au – Master Builders Association