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How much does a livable sheds costs in Perth?

Livable sheds, also known as a house or shed houses have become quite popular over the past few years. People are embracing them for their incredible versatility and cost-effectiveness. Serving temporary to a permanent solution, these modern structures are ideal for adding functionality to your space. Whether you want to build a holiday rental, a granny pad, or a playroom for kids – a livable shed is just the perfect solution for your needs. It can add much-needed space to your home that too at a fraction of cost.


A livable shed is not very different from other types of sheds. However, they are primarily purpose-built to support your needs. But one big question that lingers my mind is – “how much does a livable shed in Perth cost?”

If this is something that you are looking to find an answer to, we are here to help you.

How Much Does a Livable Shed Costs?

A very basic, engineered steel shed may cost around $500 for a kit. And a moderately sized shed may go all way up to $25, 000. This is the standard range where in between you can find the most types of livable sheds in Australia. But obviously, no two sheds will be priced the same. Several factors may influence your overall shed price. So, let’s have a look at them.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Your Livable Shed

1. Shed Material

The material you select for your shed has a key role in influencing its cost. Color board sheeting may cost you higher than zinc sheeting. Moreover, if your building is more exposed, then you may incur higher expenditure as it will up the cost of wind shielding. Also, your soil type and the specific area will determine the cost. However, the most commonly used material for a livable shed is steel. 

2. Shed Size

Depending on the height, width, and length, the price of your shed will vary. Obviously, if you have a large space requirement then you’ll need to splurge more for a large livable shed. So, make sure to first determine the size of your ideal shed as per your requirement. The most convenient way to find size is to talk to Perth Shed builder experts to discuss your requirement. Using their professional expertise they will guide you in the right direction.

3. Installation Price

When it comes to installing a livable shed, you can either go for a DIY kit or hire sheds maintenance services. Consulting professional shed services will definitely reward you with better services in terms of design and installation. However, it may cost you more than a DIY procedure. But no doubt going for professional services will prove more effective as these people are trained and experienced to handle such projects.

4. Intended Shed Use

For what purpose you are building a shed structure? And how you are going to use it will greatly determine the cost of your shed. Whether you want to create a modern space or just a functional space to store extra belongings will require different types of outfitting which will affect the price. 

5. Custom Shed Prices

The scope for livable shed customization is endless. To transform your space into ultimate useful, you can opt for optional extras to create your perfect livable building. Depending on the range of customizations, like extra windows, flooring, large-sized doors, etc. the cost of your livable shed may either increase or decrease. Nonetheless, a very basic livable kit shed will be the cheapest. 

Besides this, certain additional charges aren’t included in your shed kit but are required to be paid separately. These include expenditure incurred in:

  • Acquiring Permit.
  • Foundation and flooring.
  • Shingles.
  • Drywall.
  • Foundation and flooring.
  • Insulation.
  • Electricity.
  • Plumbing.
  • Installation if you are not likely to perform DIY.


Hence, these are the primary factors affecting the overall cost of your livable shed in Perth. However, when comparing the cost of housing and architectural aspects with that of a humble livable shed, the shed will cost you much less. So, no doubt investing in livable sheds is worth your money and house space. 

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Farm Shed
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Benefits of Secure Australian Hay Shed in Perth

Wondering how to protect your farm infrastructure, livestock, and feed? Since Australia’s weather is harsh and is not easy for farm owners, now is the right time to invest in hay storage. The hay sheds are ideal solutions to secure your hay and equipment on your farm. These are custom-designed to keep your hay dry and protected against extreme weather conditions. 


Thus, if you want to save your harvest and feed as well as boost your preparedness, investing in secure Australian hay shed in Perth is the smart choice. Investing in a reliable hay shed can make all difference to your hay storage and management. So, before we delve into the benefits of hay sheds, let’s explore this structure and its variants available with shed builders in Perth

What is a hay shed?

A hay shed is a large covered storage solution distinguishable for its exceptional storage capabilities. It is basically a semi-permanent or permanent structure meant to protect your hay and preserve its nutritional value to make it easily digestible for animals. A hay shed is valuable as it has plenty of potential uses apart from feed storage.


These structures can be of two types depending on their construction complexity, which include – American Barn Style Shed and Australian Barn style sheds. Australian barn-style hay sheds are preferable for their simpler design and modest appearance. Furthermore, a hay shed can have the following layouts:

  • Open front hay shed.
  • Roof-only hay shed.
  • Hybrid hay shed design.
  • Three-sided shed design.

Benefits of Hay Sheds

1. Protection from natural elements:

Exposing your hay to rain is a big no as it can cause moisture build-up resulting in mold formation, thus, leaving your hay completely rotten and useless. Likewise, exposure to intense heat for a long duration can result in combustion which is quite a prevalent issue in Australian bushfire season. As such, extreme weather conditions, primarily, sun, rain, and wind can cause serious damage to your hay. Therefore, its proper storage is the only way out to minimize such risks. Open bay hay shed structure is ideal for this purpose. Here are some of the benefits of open bay hay sheds over other shed structures:

  • Allow free air circulation to keep your hay fresh for longer.
  • Allow expansion for adding extra space.
  • Provide excellent protection against unpredictable weather conditions.

2. Great Durability:

Haystacks don’t stay intact in their position all time. Over time, they tend to lean or sometimes may even fall on the shed walls. Keeping in mind the humongous weight of haystacks, hay sheds are made sturdy and strong to bear the heavyweight without losing their integrity. Also, these sheds can be used for storing large machinery and equipment. 


Sheds Builders in Perth manufacture sheds using heavy steel, fittings, and materials that are capable of harsh conditions, offering increased protection to your hay and livestock. 

3. Cost-effective Solution:

Farm and rural sheds are designed keeping in view your specific site and requirements. These versatile structures are economical solutions ideal for your large storage needs. With hay shed price starting from $7,200, these structures are worth an investment. At such unrivaled price options, they will not only keep your hay dry but will also enhance functionality without hurting your pocket. 

4. Easy access to farm storage:

Open bay hay storage sheds feature open bays along the front portion which offers you access to farm storage. They allow easy movement of machinery, feed, and other equipment. It also doubles up as parking. 


However, your choice of the shed is completely up to you. For better security, one can also go for closed bays hay shed design style. Overall, hay sheds help simplify your farming operations. 

5. Range of Customizations:

Not all farmers have the same requirement. Considering this, shed builders in Perth offer custom hay shed design options to suit your requirements. And when it comes to customization, there are nearly endless options. Be it height, span, width, design, sheeting type, or color, you can find a perfect structure to fulfill your needs. Besides, you can select from several additional extras such as windows, doors, whirlybirds, flooring, etc. to fit your specification of a fully functional storage shed. 


The initial investment for installing hay sheds may appear higher, but the peace of mind it offers in the long term is worth it. Engineered, well-designed structural hay shed won’t just protect your hay; it will save your resources as well as money by eliminating the risk of spoilage or wastage. From design to fabrication, building a shed can transform your shed into a fully functional agricultural storage facility.


Want to relish the benefits of the hay shed in Perth? Contact All Style Sheds and Structures for installation and shed maintenance in Perth. 


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Approached to build a commercial complex in Dunsborough in the holiday

Late 2018 All Style Shed & Structures were approached to build a commercial complex in Dunsborough in the holiday / wine region of W A .

The construction of the building is concrete tilt panel with steel framed roof support structure cladded with metal sheeting. The complex was designed to suit the requirements of the future tenants.

With a build time of 5 months from start to full turn key completion including a Xmas break All Style Shed & structures were very busy to fulfill the customer’s request.

The full build included all planning / building requirements, earth works, concrete wall panels, structural steel, internal fit out for offices and toilet areas, final painting, car parking and security fencing and gates to the complex.

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Build a shed to suit the requirements for a mining exploration drilling company

Mid last year All Style Sheds & Structures were approached to design and build a shed to suit the requirements for a mining exploration drilling company based in the Kwinana area. The criteria required was the shed had to be built with clearance height and a slab thickness to support machinery with weights in excess of 50 tons. The structure was also required to be insulated / ventilated to provide worker comfort during winter and summer months and skylights to maximize natural lighting.

A wash down area with environmentally friendly disposal systems was installed to one end of the shed.

Fielders Endurance designed and engineered the shed based on customer requirements.

All Style Sheds & structures worked with the client to provide a full turn key build, which included Planning application, Design compliance certification & Building approvals.

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All Style Sheds & Structures have recently completed the states newest state of the art Boarding Kennels & Cattery complex in Baldivis

The complex consists of an administration building and 2 American barn design boarding sheds, and was designed by Australia’s leading boarding kennel & veterinary design architect, based in Queensland.

The admin building consisted of a large reception area, office, toilet facilities and a cattery area capable of boarding 30 cats , while the dog boarding sheds have a total capacity of 140 dogs. The entire complex was designed both for easy access to the kennel area for feeding / cleaning purposes and for letting the dogs out into the exercise areas.

Being built on a class H site, it required specific engineering to obtain the required strength / thickness to allow for the falls in the slab to accommodate washing down and drainage to the kennels. The slab was poured in sections to allow for a 4 way fall to the main walkway and falls to floor drains to all kennel areas.

The build was sectioned into a day / night zones so as the area could be air conditioned for the boarding dogs comfort, these were accessed via Guillotine type doors between inside kennels and outside yards.

The building was completely insulated for heat / cooling and sound proofing to prevent excess sound to neighboring properties.

Fielders engineered and supplied the shed structure and exterior claddings, while the admin building was steel stud framed type construction cladded in Hardies Matrix profile. The roof is a skillion design to make use of natural lighting into the reception area.

The complex was Started in March and completed in November.

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